Austin Casson • Fine Artist
Austin’s artistic foundation developed growing up on farm in rural New York, in a large Irish family. His mother Lynn Van E. Casson was an accomplished artist and his father’s passion for furniture making, as well as other works of artisanship, influenced Austin’s future path tremendously. ”I inherited my mother’s eye and my father’s hands.” The farm experience of animals and the abundant wildlife were a part of daily life growing up. It was a kid’s paradise in many ways. Fishing, hunting, dogs and livestock all contributed to the mix.

After college in Utah Austin remained in the West and worked in the ski and tourism industry, marketing in both Utah and Idaho. A marriage in 1970 and two delightful, and very independent children, filled much of that time. The remote places and outdoor activities remained a central part of these years. The kids, raised on horses and skis continue that tradition with his grandkids today. In 1989, Austin resigned from the ski industry as U.S. marketing director for the 1988 Canadian Olympic clothing sponsor Sun Ice. Then began a career in sculpting which has been his entire focus for the past 23 years.

The first designs were specifically for Fairway Replicas, and were hand painted miniature scale models of famous golf holes from around the world. The sculptures sold in over 3000 gift shops in the U.S. and overseas and are still available online. With over 120 individual golf course commissions, production coordination with new clients took Austin around the world for nine years. Five of Austin’s large works are on permanent display at the World Golf Hall of Fame. (see Fairway Replicas @ In 1996, Austin began creating larger works in different mediums including life size sculptures of golfers, stone horses, and birds of prey while working in bronze, resin, stone and concrete. His lifetime admiration for the large birds of prey and horses has been a very strong theme in his works from these years. “Cry Freedom“, a large bronze eagle, presented to former president George Bush Sr. by Howie Long, is now at the Presidential library. The California Thoroughbred Hall of Fame maintains a permanent Breeder’s Cup Trophy, which features Austin’s “Mare and Foal” bronze. Many of Austin’s sculptures have received national recognition, write-ups and commendations. ”The spirit of raptors draws me in. Their freedom to roam the sky and clarity of vision is intoxicating. I have felt that thrill upon seeing a soaring Red Tail or a diving Falcon while banding Osprey in Idaho and Golden eagles in California. These encounters are beyond words. Many Native American people hold these creatures in great esteem and spiritual power, as do I because they embody so many characteristics that we admire. They are exceptional parents, loyal mates, fearless hunters, masters of flight and stunningly beautiful.”
Austin now lives on a hilltop among the groves near Temecula California with the big birds of prey soaring just below the studio under the watchful eye of Silka, a brilliant Border Collie, and all is well. ”My goal is to two fold. First is to continue to grow and thrive in this work that gives me such joy. New subjects and mediums are always surfacing and I never truly know where this gift will take me. The second is always to deliver much more than the client expects. While there is an inventory of my works available to purchase now, it is those creations that are born with the client that give me the most fulfillment.” Today Austin is working with forged steel and fired clay to create a unique blend of materials that works both indoors and out. A recent commission in Sandpoint Idaho of a Bald Eagle landing on a nest, ( see steel gallery ) bringing a fish to two chicks is an all steel work that is larger than life, weighs in at half a ton and brings nature to a standstill where it can be admired in all its glory.